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Real time

Have a clear vision of all the visits made by each salesperson of your Commercial Team. Visualize how the negotiation process goes with your clients (it can be customized according to the business direction) in each visit made and the distance traveled by the seller. In this way, the monitoring of the visits made is much easier.

Also, through the App you can visualize in real time the street view of your vendor´s visit, check the information such as the status of the visit, schedule of the visit, summary of the visit and which external vendor was the one who made the visit.

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real-time visits
Customization of the App and real time

My Visit allows you to customize the App according to your needs and generates reports of your team in real time. Prepare reports by region, negotiation status, collaborator, client or period and export them in PDF, Excel, XML and other formats.

Join your sales force in real time according to the cities or states where you develop your business, establish sectors in a personalized way and better organize the planning of your commercial team.

In the same way you can customize the status of visits, market trends and products (using #Hashtags) adapting to the need of your own company. Example: #NewClient #NewPlanning #ProductionListtrial

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How the App Works

Our App is easy to use, and has all the necessary features to increase the productivity of the commercial team.

Photos: At the time of registering the visit, the seller has the option of attaching relevant photos, such as: machines, place, shelves of products, etc. Photos can be shared through social networks and email. In this way, the Coordinator receives these images in real time within its Administrative Portal.

Without Connection and without GPS: It is not necessary to be connected to an Internet network all the time. The App is still running offline and synchronizes the information as soon as there is a new connection to the Internet. Similarly, even if the seller does not have a GPS location, you can enter the address later.

Miles Round: By having the function of Miles Round activated, the seller informs the distance traveled from one point to another. The Coordinator receives this information with a preview of Google Maps. This service can be contracted after 15 days of testing or at any time within the store.

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Shared Agenda

With the App you can schedule visits for your team and create a Route Map with these, for receive updated notifications with the states of the visits.

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