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Technical Assistance

Real time

Have a clear view of all visits carried out by each Employee of your Technical Team .

In Real Time also see the Street View of the visit made at that time, check information such as Activity Performed, Time of Visit, Recorded Observation and which external collaborator is performing this information.

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real-time visits
Customize your App in real time

With My Visit , you personalize the solution and manage to generate a personalized visit report from your technical team . Generate reports by region, status, employee, customer or period and export in formats such as PDF, Excel, XML and others.

Monitor the performance of your external team in cities, states and organize your planning for your technical team in the best way.

You can also customize activities , regions, product, leaving the solution adapted to your reality. Record activities of Technical Visit, Relationship Visit, Proposal Sent, Preventive Maintenance, Delivery of Materials and Online Meeting .

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How the App works

The most user-friendly App on the market that gives you all the tools to increase the productivity of your commercial team.

Photos: The seller can register photos of the visits and send photos as exhibitors of products, products, banking machines. It is possible to share via social networks and Email. The coordinator receives the images in real time in the administrative portal.

Offline: It is not necessary to be 100% of the time connected to an Internet network. The App works offline and synchronizes the information as soon as there is a new connection. If the seller does not have a GPS, you can enter the address later.

Miles Round: The seller with the Miles Round service enabled informs/records the distance traveled from point to point. The coordinator receives this information with a preview of Google Maps. The user who has this function enabled may contract this service after 15 days of testing or at any time within the store.

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Shared agenda

Create commitment for your employees and schedule visits for your sales team. Make a list of commitments for your team and you will get a notification through the App as they are made.

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