Privacy Policy

All yours contents of My Visit Platform are stored by Minha Visita LTDA, limited company inscribed in CNPJ 28.600.034/0001-36, with headquarter in Novo Hamburgo/RS. All rights reserved. The present privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) aims to provide information about capture, use, storage, protection, sharing and rights of Platform users (“Users”) about their personal and corporate data when using the software platform functionalities developed by Minha Visita, that offers to professionals and companies the extern teams management systems throught Internet (“Platform”). THE WEBSITE ACCESS, THE REGISTER AND USE OF THE PLATFORM IMPLIES IN THE TOTAL ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY.


1.1. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, are applied to the following definitions:
Contracting User: The signature is made by the System Administrator User, here called as Contracting User.
Employees: Are all the users that whether use the My Visit platform services and are inserted in the contracting user signature.
App: Software developed by Minha Visita LDTA. The My Visit app works like a interaction method and employee information sender for the contracting user.
Logs: Registers of resources verification about the devices to support, validation and correction of casual fails.
Azure: Microsoft Corporation Cloud Service where all data of My Visit are transmitted and stored safely.
Device Resource: Are all the peripherals or resources of the smartphone device, such as: instant message, notification (Push), phone call, e-mail sending, camera and GPS.


2.1. The data and information are captured when the users interact with the existing platform functionalities, providing the information voluntarily.


3.1. All data and information collected from users are incorporated in Azure database, under responsibility of Minha Visita.
3.2. The data and information collected are stored in safely environment, keeping in mind the available technique, and only can be accessed by people qualified and authorized by Minha Visita.
3.3. Considering that none security system is absolutely safe, Minha Visita disclaims of any responsibility by casual damage and/or impair resulted by fails, virus or Platform database invasions, unless in case of malice or fault by Minha Visita.


4.1. The data and information collected from users can be used for the following purposes:
Generation of statistical reports for the contracting user’s account;
Logs used for technical support offered by My Visit;
Development of My Visit marketing campaigns, using only the contracting user’s account registration;
4.2. The My Visit database is not shared, sold, transferred, transferred, informed or rented to third parties (outside the contracting user’s account).
4.3 In case the user no longer uses the services offered by the Application, My Visit may, for purposes of audit and preservation of rights, remain with the registration of data and information of the user, for an indefinite period, with the right to exclude them definitively according to your convenience.
4.4. The user who stops using the Platform may request to My Visit the exclusion of their data through the electronic contact channel, available for access at


5.1. The provisions in this Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time, and it is up to users to verify it whenever they access Platform.
5.2. Users should contact in case of any doubt regarding the provisions in this Privacy Policy by means of electronic contact at


6.1 My Visit does not use any access to device feature not authorized by the user.
6.2 The features of the email attachment and sending device use only data provided voluntarily by the user or contracting user.


7.1.This Privacy Policy shall be construed in accordance with Brazilian law in the Portuguese language, and the Novo Hamburgo District Forum shall be elected in the State of Rio Grande do Sul to resolve any dispute, question or supervening doubt.