Gestão de equipes e visita – Minha Visita


Get a suggested route by proximity and find out which customers to visit, optimizing the salesperson's time.


We offer a simple and intuitive solution for promoters, sellers and commercial executives to register their visits efficiently.

Strengthen the connection with customers and facilitate sales, prospecting and after-sales using our system.

Easily manage your visits, customers and equipment, ensuring up-to-date maintenance.

Record sales and quotes to get a clear view of your business transactions.

Simplify your tasks and boost your business activities with our platform.


App integrated with Google Street View offers the ability to mark your customers’ addresses on the map within the app for each user.


The application offers customization of activities, products, surveys and checklist, providing a friendly and objective experience for your team’s collaborator.


The user can register the visit and send photos with captions of before and after the service, photo of exhibitors, machines, products, facade etc…

The Manager receives these images in real time on his Administrative Portal.

Shared schedule

Create appointments for your salespeople and make a visit itinerary for your team, employees will be notified through the application and or email.

Many advantages for your business.

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